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Feltmaking Wool Magic Book

Feltmaking and Wool Magic

Paperback, 128 pages with 500 photos/illustrations
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After studying textile design in both the USA and Finland, Jorie Johnson was introduced to the felt-making process in 1977 when she was first taught Scandinavian felt boot-making. She was immediately struck by felt's amazing properties and possibilities. Little did she know at the time that one day she'd be teaching a variety of traditional and contemporary feltmaking techniques to interested students in countries around the world. Through her book, Feltmaking Wool Magic, you will see that Jorie's approach to feltmaking is clearly creative as well as effective.

Beginner's Felt Kit

To help you get off to a rip-roarin', rollin' start Joi Rae Textiles has assembled a simple beginner's kit. The kit includes:
+A copy of the book Felt-making Wool Magic (Available in Japanese or English)
+1 polyester net size 45 x 55cm
+1 bamboo mat for rolling 30.5 x 40.5cm
+250g assorted wool, enough to complete several projects
Price 7,015 yen (approx. $78)

Colorful Post Card Set

A colorful collection of 12 postcards provides a sample of the color, form, and expression found in works designed by Jorie Johnson.
Price 1,260 yen (approx. $13.50)

Click to view the cards.

Felting Needle Set

Five felting needles, ¥420

Also available for separate purchase:

Polyester net: size approx. 50 x 50 cm. Price 420yen, or custom orders. Convenient net (won't unravel with use.)

Sturdy bamboo mat: size 30.5 X 40.5 cm. Price 1260yen