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Jorie Johnson, Kyoto, was selected to speak about her research in Southwestern China about the very graphic and auspicious Huazuan resist design on felt.

 “Tucked away in a small village in China’s most southern Yunnan Provence felt-makers continue their tradition of Huazuan methods on felt. Despite financial difficulties, these highly auspicious, red and white paste resist dyed felts used for wedding bed pads are still occasionally ordered. 

  Yes, these masters are turning towards production of more nondescript items for gallery sales which look to me as if they were made in “anywhere” USA, Australia, or? How to persuade the remaining masters to continue with their ethnic right to these designs, yet work new colors, and items, into modern appreciation is interesting.”

 Event: Textile Society of America (TSA) 2020 Online Conference, Boston , MA

Dates: October 14-18

Place: Boston, Mass. USA

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