Canada: Vancouver White, Black & Infinity

Title: Layer Upon Layer: White, Black & Infinite Colour

In this workshop students will work layer upon layer to build patterned cloth with depth and expression. Through a combination of feltmaking, silk degumming, and the application of Sumi ink to silk (or bast-fibre loose-weave or Washi paper) students will create work, either wearable or fine art, with striking pattern and texture. Degumming silk while simultaneously creating a pattern, producing a Habotai-type motif within the organza fabric is fascinating and creates a layered base of accents, designs, and two-tone colour. The results may be original fine-art feltworks, three dimensional objects, or a palette of fabrics for later use in garments and accessories. This class generates the most original work of students I have ever witnessed.

Date: September 9-13, 2020 (Wed.-Sun.)

Time: 10 AM-4PM

Place: Maiwa School of Textiles, Maiwa East, 1310 Odlum Drive, Vancouver, British Columbia. Canada V6H 3S2

T 604 669 3939, 604 669 0609


Contact: Steph Frolek

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