Canada: Toronto Contemporary Textile Studio Co-operative

Public Workshop: The Potential of Lamination in Contemporary Feltmaking
Place: 401 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1X3, Canada
Times: 10 am – 4 pm daily 
Dates: July 26 (Fri)-28 (Sun), 2019
( 7/22-25/2019 includes a members-only CTS Co-op 4-day Sumi on Fabrics/Felt workshop)
Contact: Rachel MacHenry, Ganaele Langlois
Public Lecture Venue: The  Textile Museum of Canada
                                       55 Centre Ave, Toronto, ON M5G 2H5
Date: Wednesday, July 24, 2018 at 6 pm

Explore the joining capability of dyed wool with auxiliary materials during the formative stages of felt making and create fresh, lyrical samples, 3-D surfaces, and fashion fabric.

Learn how to persuade wool fibers to entangle to a substrate/fabric depending on design and the various type of materials chosen. My felting favorites are finishing, or joining, fabric edges without the need of a thread and needle; enhancing a store bought or hand-dyed fabric with wool design and resulting wrinkling detail; and placing wool between layers of fabric patches to “glue” them together during the shrinking process.

The genius of the wool fiber is our departure point and by a series of quick “sketches” we will head towards the completion of a neck wrap or framed work.

These techniques apply not only to airy silks, laces and gauzy cottons but heavier, woven and knitted fabrics as well, as long as the fabric has not been “boiled” or is too thick or dense.

Also Washi and various papers.

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