Kyoto: Joi Rae Textiles @ Showcase Gallery, Kotobuki Building 5Fl


20147Showcase4 20147Showcase3 20147Showcase2When you need some inspiration over the summer months or anytime thereafter, please stop by the 100 Artist Showcase Gallery in the Kotobuki Building (on the same 5th fl. as Gallery Gallery) on Kawaramachi Street, (south of Shijo on the east side of the street, just passed the florist shop.)

Joi Rae Textiles is always displaying cutting edge wearables to generate compliments from your peers and express the truly unique qualities of the wool fiber.

This summer Jorie is highlighting her recent collaboration with Japanese urushi artist Genta Hayashi. Together they have completed the first series of felt with urushi detail brooches. This collaboration is likely to continue as the combination of blended wool, silk yarn and shiny lacquer is so appealing. Also on exhibit are urban nomad felt and rubber brooches from the “Fragment” series and the fringed, color-blended series called “Cloud Pins.”

Remember the 100 Artist Showcase Gallery work is changed regularly so make sure you come often and support the Showcase Gallery artists.


Felt: J. Johnson Lacquer: G. Hayashi 2013


Felt: J. Johnson Lacquer: G. Hayashi 2013